I’m Jennifer. Well, really I just call myself Jenn, With 2 N’s. Writing about me is probably one of the more difficult things for me to do, so bear with me.

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad was a hobbyist photographer and I grew up looking at his photos on the walls. But they weren’t of us, they were of places. Places he lived, places we visited. It was a big joke that our photo albums from our summer vacations were full of pictures that we weren’t in! So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that when I started to seriously photograph things, I never wanted people in my pictures. I felt they got in the way and distracted the images. I loved photographing landscapes and architecture or by whatever I felt inspired me.

I worked for years in the print department of a major cable company and it was my job to obtain all the pictures we needed for our ads. Photography was just a part of me. In 2004, I quit my job to go back to school to get my degree in Interior Design. I have always been a highly visual person (like when I’m driving and I can picture my route in my head before I drive. Its like I can see the map in my mind.) I loved designing and being creative but photography was always pulling at my soul. I traveled with a camera everywhere I went and was always taking pictures. After I graduated and work for a small design firm for a few years, I was laid off as the economy took a down turn. I spent every moment between job searching trying to hone the craft of photography. I taught myself all the aspects of my camera and studied photographs I loved to learn how it was shot, what the settings where, what the photographer did to create the image.

A month after being laid off, I became pregnant with my first daughter, Zoe, our little peanut. After she was born, I suddenly realized I needed to know how to take better pictures of people! So once again, I studied and studied and tried to perfect the art of portraits. After about a year, I launched my business, known then as Jennifer Beitchman Photography. A couple of years later, Piper was born and I kept having a nagging feeling that I needed to change the name of my business. In 2014, I relaunched my brand as Peanut and Pip Photography. The name comes my girls, who are always my muses and inspiration.

Photography soothes my creative soul and I think I’m pretty obsessed with it! I love capturing the moments and the moments in between, which is where so often the magic is found. I also love styled sessions and dreaming up a concept and seeing it come to life.

So have a look around and if you like what you see, drop me a line and let’s set up a session for you.

Whew…that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!